Floating is all I wanna do

I’ve always went with the flow.  Sure, there was a lot of rocks along the stream in the earlier years. But it’s been a more smoother ride lately. 

And so far the flow has taken me to the places I wanted to be.  I guess I need to trust the flow to take me to where I need to be.. 

And that thought put my mind at ease considerably 

The other side of the coin.

That being said,  I feel for me,  there are  only two speeds. Either keep a safe distance from people or get burned whenever the ones who get close shows any sign of distance for any reason (wouldn’t even be close to have anything to with you)  but it doesn’t matter. 

I guess those earlier years left more scars than I realized. I was hoping all these deep seated issues and so called traumas are just something that is promoted in popular culture for creating new jobs.  Well,  I am fairly certain it is not as bad as these psychologists make it out to be. 

My point is,  one can’t help but feel abandoned whenever someone close pulls away.

And should you insulate yourself from ever feeling vulnerable,  wondering if  i would be missing out on a lot if I do that or would it be a small price to pay. 

Friends at work

I was thinking of friends we make at work.  Random strangers thrown together purely by coincidence.

But if you are lucky enough,  you will get to be thrown in with good people.  And even though you are close because you spend a better part of the day together,  I think there are some mystery in universe which lets you get thrown in with the right kind of strangers you need in your life.

The other life gets overflown in your midst,  you can’t help it.  But problems have a way of exaggerating itself in your mind as its not addressed properly.  It’s like ink in water.  You scoop out the drops as early as you can,  the whole mind won’t be stained.

Once you are forced to address your issue,  by anyone other than you,  you would  be surprised to find it is not as big as it was made out by your mind(unless you killed someone then the issue is bigger than you realize) .

List it out,  address each aspects separately.  Use the people you have been thrown in with as sounding board.  Or some one else you feel you can always count on for venting.

Whatever the issue is i promise you,  majority of the cases (not counting situations which involves other lives get hurt),  it is not as complex as your mind exaggerated it to be.

Makers of the rule

No matter which industry you are in, there will always be that person who insist this is the only way that things will work. It could be right or it could be really wrong. There might be a better way of doing things.

Unless you try the alternative and draw your own conclusion, you will never know. Never blindly follow the rule. Understand why the rule exist.

Difference is not between the person who knows how to do things and the one who does not. The real difference is between the person who gives the true, honest shot and the one who hold back.

Frozen moments

Occasionally I come across a book or a movie so well written that by the third act, I could not bear to watch or read any longer.

I have lived the lives of characters that I cannot face the sorrow that is coming. It is easier to put the book back in the shelf and reminisce the moments frozen in memory.

Extra terrestrials among us

There are a lot we just accept without thinking about it twice. Without marveling at the wonder it. For instance a video call on your cell phone while grocery shopping, online. Calling from your watch; that is straight out of a sci-fi movie. Or from Mr. Bond’s arsenal.
But our increased level of acceptance is not limited to technology. We see a person with slightly different anatomy and a fluorescent colour hair on the metro, we simply accept it as a quirk. Maybe that is a visitor from the far reaches of the universe, taking a lunar vacation or coming to sell the next big technology.


Often when I give the price quote for a particular project, the first response I get is somewhere in the line of there being a lot of designers with lesser price quote.
Such confusions arise when clients generalize the services offered by a designer. Each designer’s thought process is unique to them. A designer might spend days thinking why a single stroke is present in the design, or a generic template in the matter of an hour. The price tag set would be in different ends of the spectrum.
The question as a client, you should ask is if you need ‘that’ design or ‘a’ design.


We all have something to learn or teach the next person. Technology have given you a chance to speak up. Why are we not using it?
Its an age bursting with opportunities. Possibilities are endless. All we have to do is reach out and grab it.
If someone offers you a project or job with more scope to learn and teach, why are we scared to change?

Lost stories


When you see me heartbroken over a relationship that did not even start, what you do not realize is, in my mind I have already played out a story. In fact, often I have wondered, as I walk down a crowded street, every person who pass by could be a possible story line. Probably only God would know how many great stories we have lost each time we miss a chance to say a simple hello…

The Lone Traveler


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I like Travelling alone. In theory, travelling with company makes more sense. But the problem usually is to find the right travel buddies. Or if you do, always the calendar will clash and the trip will always remain just a plan.

            While travelling alone, you won’t have to wait for anyone, have to adjust the things you want to do. Moreover you have the luxury of staying as long as you want enjoy the beauty of a good spot you just found.

            I consider myself to be an ambivert. I need to balance my alone time and social time. from trial and error, I learned that three or four days I could go on without social interactions. A typical trip for me would be a week or week and a half. I love wandering around. So a certain portion of the day I keep to myself to go exploring and the evenings usually I go out with the likeminded friends I’ve met along the way. I did manage to meet a few great friends in my days of wandering.


            One of the main mistakes I did the first time I travelled abroad is not getting a data connection, like the ones from providers like matrix, for my phone. A good internet connection could be your best friend while in new places. It lets you find nearby attractions, great local food joints and give you directions even if you don’t speak the language well (it also lets you ask for directions in local language). Once I had to pay a good amount for a 4km cab ride in the night just because I didn’t know the directions.

            Although many travelers may disagree with me here, I find the concept of hostels to be really sensible. It’s basically like a layover for travelers. Since I only use the stay for getting some sleep, I usually wont prefer to spend on expensive hotels.

            Ahem.. this may not apply to everyone, but when I can, I try to travel on weekdays. Mainly because weekends, most places and restaurants will be crowded or booked out. also if you are getting over a relationship, seeing all the happy couple may not be the thing you would want.

            I try not to cram all the activities and spots into limited period of time. Trying to cross off things to do or places to see would feel more like an obligation rather than an enjoyable experience. For me, it would ruin the whole trip. I won’t treat a place as a once in a lifetime destination. I know I will be back to see and experience all in my own comfortable pace.


             I won’t always give first preference to the popular tourist destinations as it would always be overcrowded. If I do, I will go exploring very early in the morning and stay out till noon, light lunch and relax a bit till I go out again in the night with good people I’ve met along the way.

            Even though I feel like to just be in the moment, savor the experience, it’s always good to take some time to capture a good frame or collect souvenirs. It’s a wonderful feeling to later sit back and look through all the pictures or souvenirs and reminisce.

            Pack as light as you can, carting around the luggage in airport or between stays are a truly tiring experience. But not too light so that you will only have one pair of change. it could be an inconvenience to wash the cloths by hand in the middle of a trip (though most hostels and hotels provide washing machines)

            More than anything, I give value to the small things. While in Venice, I had picked up the most delicious sea food sandwich and a locally brewed fresh beer. Just sat on sidelines of the grand canal and enjoyed the serene sunset.


            I try to explore new things with good company. Things I normally wouldn’t do. This ensures that I expand my horizon and am not entirely living in my own comfort zone. 

Travelling alone could be a hard thing to do at times. But I think the peace you find for yourself makes it all worthwhile..