Banana Bread


So here I am working in a culinary institute for almost two years now.  It was bound to happen.  I baked. I really like eating it. I figured I will enjoy making it too.  A huge thanks goes to @shrutisfoodography ; been calling her up non stop for every step of the way.  Same goes to @annika.panikker too (you guys are not off the hook yet though).

Started off smoothly enough but the amount of sugar that the recipe calls kind of startled me,  I mean who puts one cup of sugar in two cups of flour,  so I cut that to straight half.

I advise you guys not to do that. Turns out there is a reason recipe calls for specific measurements.

Luckily I used over ripe banana that compensates  for the lack of sugar and didn’t have to  throw away the whole thing.


My next creative idea came when I was setting the temperature for the oven.  175 degree celcius seemed a bit harsh for the mild mannered batter. So I kept at 160.

Again,  I recommend you guys follow the recipe to the letter until you have a few baking sessions under the belt.

Took an extra 15 minutes for it to brown properly  and that in result made the bread a bit dry.  But overall I kind of liked it. .  The others were kind enough to say that it was quite good.  For a first time baker.

I’ll take it.


I took the awesome recipe from the awesome Elise Baur (@simplyrecipes)

Floating is all I wanna do

I’ve always went with the flow.  Sure, there was a lot of rocks along the stream in the earlier years. But it’s been a more smoother ride lately. 

And so far the flow has taken me to the places I wanted to be.  I guess I need to trust the flow to take me to where I need to be.. 

And that thought put my mind at ease considerably 

Makers of the rule

No matter which industry you are in, there will always be that person who insist this is the only way that things will work. It could be right or it could be really wrong. There might be a better way of doing things.

Unless you try the alternative and draw your own conclusion, you will never know. Never blindly follow the rule. Understand why the rule exist.

Difference is not between the person who knows how to do things and the one who does not. The real difference is between the person who gives the true, honest shot and the one who hold back.

Frozen moments

Occasionally I come across a book or a movie so well written that by the third act, I could not bear to watch or read any longer.

I have lived the lives of characters that I cannot face the sorrow that is coming. It is easier to put the book back in the shelf and reminisce the moments frozen in memory.

Extra terrestrials among us

There are a lot we just accept without thinking about it twice. Without marveling at the wonder it. For instance a video call on your cell phone while grocery shopping, online. Calling from your watch; that is straight out of a sci-fi movie. Or from Mr. Bond’s arsenal.
But our increased level of acceptance is not limited to technology. We see a person with slightly different anatomy and a fluorescent colour hair on the metro, we simply accept it as a quirk. Maybe that is a visitor from the far reaches of the universe, taking a lunar vacation or coming to sell the next big technology.


Often when I give the price quote for a particular project, the first response I get is somewhere in the line of there being a lot of designers with lesser price quote.
Such confusions arise when clients generalize the services offered by a designer. Each designer’s thought process is unique to them. A designer might spend days thinking why a single stroke is present in the design, or a generic template in the matter of an hour. The price tag set would be in different ends of the spectrum.
The question as a client, you should ask is if you need ‘that’ design or ‘a’ design.


We all have something to learn or teach the next person. Technology have given you a chance to speak up. Why are we not using it?
Its an age bursting with opportunities. Possibilities are endless. All we have to do is reach out and grab it.
If someone offers you a project or job with more scope to learn and teach, why are we scared to change?